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Hi I'm Bryce Johnson, a certified Mindset Coach specifically dedicated to young people.


I’ve spent the last 20+ years working in High Performance Sport and Education roles, where I have coached and developed hundreds of athletes and students to make a significant difference in their lives.

I have a passion for helping my clients to develop a positive and growth-oriented mindset, overcome limiting beliefs and achieve their goals whether it's in their personal life, sport, career or at school.

I utilize a unique process to coaching that combines evidence-based techniques and tools with a supportive and empowering approach. I'm known for my ability to understand the underlying issues that are preventing individuals from achieving their goals and to work with them to create a plan to overcome them.

I have first-hand experience of the mindset required to be your best. I have been in a number of representative programs as a young athlete and was fortunate to be mentored by some of the best coaches in elite sport. As an athlete, I represented or medalled at state level in four different sports- Swimming, Rugby League, Athletics and Soccer. From these experiences I understand the mindset and dedication required to be in the top echelon in sport. 


Following my time in sport I became fascinated with both sport coaching and personal development. I started working extensively with leaders in these fields while also gaining a range of qualifications and experiences to best meet the needs of young people and children.


Initially, I obtained a Bachelor of Human Movement (Sport Science) which developed practical skills in areas such as health, wellbeing, biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor learning, and sports psychology. 

While I was completing this degree I began working with and coaching athletes of all levels- Olympians and national level representatives through to grass roots athletes in a range of sports...something I continue to do to this day.

As I saw these young athletes develop on a daily basis, I became curious about how we learn. I completed a Diploma of Education which led to a 20+ year career in PE and Personal Development Teaching. In 2022 I was recognised by the NSW Department of Education in their 'Outstanding Teacher' awards for my contribution to sport and education. I have also been awarded 'Coach of the Year' by Macquarie University.

During my time in teaching, I had a conversation with a principal that change my entire path.  At the core of the chat was that schools generally provide psychological services to about 5% of their population- students who have mental health issue or clinical disorders. The principal stated how amazing it would be if we could cater for the other 95% of students to help them thrive, develop healthy habits and coping mechanisms, and improve their overall quality of life.

To fill this gap, I completed another 2 degrees to gain a better understanding of the emotional and mental side of a being young person. I obtained a Distinction grade average in both the Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology and the Diploma of Counselling.


To cater for every aspect of a young person's life I completed my final degree, a Diploma of Careers Development. Career coaching can help individuals clarify their work goals and determine what steps they need to take to achieve those goals. This can be particularly helpful for people who are unsure about their chosen career path.

And that is how this business was born- to provide a complete coaching service to young people, whether it be performance mindset in sport, performing arts, academically, relationships, career, health and wellbeing. 

These degrees along with my experience have enable me to develop a coaching approach that builds self-esteem, resilience, and confidence. Using engaging and interactive coaching methods, I help young people understand the power of their thoughts and beliefs while also looking at the potential obstacles and roadblocks that can stand in the way of their success. Following this I equip young people with the tools and skills they need to navigate the challenges of life with confidence and purpose.

My coaching programs are tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of each person, and are delivered with empathy, compassion, and humor.

When not coaching, I am an avid surfer and touch football player, and a dedicated father to my two beautiful daughters.

I am passionate about helping young people reach their full potential. If you are ready to take control of your thoughts and achieve your goals, I would be to honoured to work with you.

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How I Can Help You

  • Performance coaching helps individuals reach their goals.

    1 hr

    100 Australian dollars
  • Ask Bryce to come and present to your team.

    1 hr

    $20 per team member
  • Helping guys deal with life

    1 hr

    100 Australian dollars
  • Focus on a specific area in your life today

    1 hr

    100 Australian dollars
  • Take your career to the next level

    1 hr

    100 Australian dollars
  • Take your studies to the next level

    1 hr

    100 Australian dollars
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